The products that Ericsson has manufactured over the years. From the first telephones and exchanges, as well as the Ericofon and AXE telephone exchange systems of the 1900’s as well as the mobile systems and mobile phones of later times. Also lesser known Ericsson products are presented here.

Breakthrough for mobile telephony

Communication using devices called walkie-talkies quickly became part of daily combat during World War II. In 1946 AT&T received permission to build and operate the world's first mobile telephone service in St. Louis, Missouri. The telephones were mounted in cars and used large batteries hidden in the trunk.
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The skeleton type 1892

Lars Magnus Ericsson personally designed one of the world's most original and now most coveted standard telephones. It is a desk telephone in the form of a naked steel construction, with two black-lacquered inductor magnets, ingeniously curved and twisted into a stand.
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The innovative bakelite telephone

Ericsson launched the Bakelite telephone in 1931. For the first time design and function was successfully combined in one telephone. It was primarily known for its trend-setting design, but it also contained an important technical innovation called anti-side tone coupling.
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